Saturday, August 6, 2011

8 Miles in New Shoes

Did my 8 mile long run today in new shoes! Oddly, it sounds like a metaphor for my life right now. New town, new job, new apartment - all far from my family and friends. I'm working on finding cool places to go in Tampa, and I'm meeting some pretty fun people along the way.

The run this morning was great! I'm really looking forward to the Asheville Half-Marathon in September. I used the Cliff Shot Gel for the first time today, and it was delicious! It tasted like a big bite of brownie mix right after mile four and gave me the energy to get through the next four without the stomach ache I get from GU.

I made it to a Young Professionals MeetUp last night for a free wine tasting. Normally, I wouldn't hate on free wine, but there was a reason this wine was free . . . it was awful. After the (very short) MeetUp, a few of us went out to dinner in Downtown St. Pete's. We went to Cassis, and I was super excited to try the Lobster Mac n Cheese. (I figured I could squeeze that into the eating plan with an 8 mile morning the next day.) I had a side of asparagus as a starter, which was delicious. The Lobster Mac was OK, but didn't meet my (probably too high) expectations. The pieces of lobster were tiny. It was as if they had vacuumed out the little legs rather than using any claw or tail meat. And, I'm pretty sure the cheese sauce was from a powder base, which is really unfortunate.

Dinner tonight was a home made truffle cheese burger. Yum! Grass-fed organic 90% lean ground beef sprinkled with truffle salt and topped with truffle cheese. The whole wheat bagel-thin for a bun and a touch of olive oil mayo made this burger allowable indulgence. Now, movie night awaits!

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