Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Five Tools for Winter Workout Motivation

The Delightful Tools for Winter Workout Motivation
When the temperature drops, I find it harder and harder to motivate myself to get my workouts in. Since I avoid going outside in the bitter cold, I know I'm not going to get my 10,000 steps a day in unless I get to the gym. When the desire to sit on the couch cuddled in a blanket is almost overwhelming, I have a few tools I rely on to help me get my butt to the gym. Here are my top five tools for winter workout motivation:

This social media site is such a great place to find inspirational images. When I wake up in the morning and am starting to feel the resistance to workout, I'll spend 10 minutes on Pinterest looking at my board, Delightful Health, or searching "health" and "fitness" to find more pins. Seeing that other folks are doing it and reading the motivational messages had been a great way to convince myself to get my sneakers on.

Five Tools for Winter workout motivation - delightful health on pinterest

Nothing is more mind numbing to me than spending 30 to 45 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical with nothing to do. I can run outside for longer than that and get lost in the scenery and my own thoughts, but there is something about staring at a gym wall that makes me look at the clock every other minute. To combat that, I bring my own entertainment. My top two recommended forms are Hulu Plus, if you don't mind paying for it, or Fitmuses, if you're looking for a free option.

The Delightful Tools for Winter Workout Motivation - fitmuses

Cute Workout Gear
This is on everyone's list of motivational tools, and I'm pretty sure that's because it really works! When I have a cute outfit to wear that makes me feel good, I am more willing to put it on and get the workout in.
The Delightful Tools for Winer Workout Motivation - cute workout gear

When I mentioned the desire to hit those 10,000 steps a day, I wasn't kidding. Fitbit, or another fitness tracker, can be a great motivator to get a workout in. If you're going to take a yoga or spin class or workout on the elliptical, I recommend the type I have - the Fitbit Charge HR. With the built in heart rate monitor, you get a more accurate record of calories burned in non-stepping forward exercises.

The Delightful Winter Workout Motivation Fitbit

Eucalyptus Spray
Aromatherapy is real. Our sense of smell is powerful, emotional and tied to memory, and, frankly, the gym and pieces associated don't generally smell that good. Before I head out the door, I spray my towel and jacket or shirt with a eucalyptus spray. You don't have to use eucalyptus, but that is the scent that works for me. It is invigorating and energizing, and it really helps get me motivated to workout.
The Delightful Winter Workout Motivation Eucalyptus Spray

Do you think these tools would help you get out the door and get to the gym? Do you have specific tools that you use to get or stay motivated for winter workouts?

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