Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Perfect Winter Hat

The Delightful Perfect Winter Hat
I generally am not a winter hat-wearer. Living in the freezing cold of NYC, I have heavily relied on the giant hood of my puffy coat to keep my head and ears warm. Unfortunately, the hood cuts off my peripheral vision and makes it harder for me to hear my walking companions and noises around me, which is not particularly safe walking around busy streets. In the past, I steered away from hats because they messed up my hair (it's called "hat hair" for a reason). I have the kind of hair that creases easily. I can't just wear my hair in a ponytail for an hour and take it down without having a giant ponytail crease in it, and I generally have the same issue with hats - the smushed down hat hair.
The Delightful Perfect Winter Hat

However, I have been converted! I found the perfect winter hat, or, rather, it found me. I got this adorable Jack + Lucy hat in the January Popsugar MustHave Box, which I only got because I accidentally forgot to cancel it (whoops!). Luckily for me, that box had some incredibly awesome loot in it, which I use all the time...including this hat! This little gem manages to keep my head and ears warm without completely destroying my hairstyle. Somehow, it doesn't affect my hair at all. It's pretty amazing.
The Delightful Perfect Winter Hat

I also love that you can style it multiple ways. You can wear it so that the pom pom flops around, or flip up the brim so that it fits snugly on your head (like I am here). Either way, it keeps me warm, doesn't mess up my hair, and my husband likes that fact that I'm not constantly asking him what he just said when we're walking around the city.

What's your favorite winter hat? Or go to head-warming style?

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