Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Layered Wood Monogram

My sister is getting married! She's looking for fun ways to incorporate her wedding colors into decoration at the reception, so I decided to make her a monogram that she can hang at the reception and could keep in her home after the wedding. You can purchase all of the tools you need from your local crafts store. For this fun project, you'll need:

  • 3 sponge paint brushes
  • 1 large solid wood plaque
  • 1 laser wood cut-out, slightly smaller than the plaque
  • 2 small letters
  • 1 larger letter
  • 3 colors of paint
  • wood glue
  • Q-tip or small brush

First, paint each piece separately the color of your choosing. I chose two shades of blue for the larger wood pieces and white for the initials, but you can use any color you like. Wait for them to dry, and paint a second coat. The second coat might not be necessary if you're happy with the color after the first coat, but it helped even mine out.

Once the second layer is dry, place the laser wood cut-out where you'd like it to stay. Then, lift the top up so that the bottom is still touching the wood plaque and use a Q-tip or small brush to apply the wood glue to the cut-out. Press the cut-out back down on the plaque and ensure it's in the correct position. Allow to dry thoroughly. Finally, place the letters where you'd like them to go. Follow the same process of lifting the top of the letter up, with the bottom still touching the surface below and applying the wood glue to the letter. Replace the letters and allow them to dry completely. Display and revel in your handiwork!

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